Gibson J-200 Standard (2012) - The King Of The Flat Tops. Enough said? 

Gibson J-45 Custom Shop (2014) - I was a sucker for the black finish with the white pick guard. What can I say? It reminds me of a cross between Johnny Cash and The Everly Brothers. 

Martin HD-28 (1998) - My main instrument and an extension of my very being. I cannot imagine playing a show nor making a recording without this guitar. 'Til Death Do We Part. 

Taylor NS34ce (2011) - Taylor Guitars are incredible, especially when it comes to nylon stringed instruments that are exceptionally playable for steel stringed dreadnought guys like me.

Fender Telecaster American Standard (1998) - This is one of the warmest sounding Tele's I have played. I love the swamp ash body with the rosewood fingerboard. With the exception of the tortoise pickguard, this instrument is 100% stock.

Squier 51 (Sunburst, 2004) - For the record, in my opinion $99 has never bought a better guitar in the history of $99 guitars. I love this guitar. and, it cost less than I have paid for a tank of gasoline.

Bose L1 Model 1S - The latest addition to my live sound rig. Paired with the T1 Tonematch mixer and the B1 subwoofer, the sound reproduction is nothing short of incredible. I am a huge fan. 

Fishman SoloAmp 220 - This is a marvelous piece of equipment. Tremendous vocal reproduction for small venues and an outstanding acoustic guitar amplifier. If you are in the market for an all-in-one PA and guitar amp, look no further. 

Neumann KMS 105  - We spend a small fortune on guitars and amps, but often neglect what may be our most important instrument. This is a wonderful sounding microphone - very crisp and clear.